Being an Active Learner

Last semester I succeeded in doing assessments, projects homework and even tests quite well. I made amazing progress with my grades and got passing grades. The success made me so proud. However, I was most proud of myself for being able to lessen my procrastinating. I was not that lazy since I would study days before the test and because of that, I am one step closer to becoming an active learner. I know that I can improve my study skills. To do that, I need to learn to lessen my negative self talk that is always there just waiting for the right time to break me. I could change all that negativity with optimism and confidence. With that in my mind, I will be able to do things better. In my opinion,the most significant factors that contribute to my success as a student is the ability to organise my study time well and also reducing my negative self talk. The choice to become an active learner will also determine my success. As an active learner, I will be able to not only get good grades but also really learn deeper about what the world has to offer.

Looking back to last semester, I see where I can improve on. I can set SMART goals for myself this semester such as being focused when I am studying and getting my science grades up by 5 points. Some aspects of active learning that I have to improve on is the ability to find information by myself and not rely too much on the teachers to provide the all the information. Nonetheless, sometimes I need help in my studying as an active learner. Sometimes I need help from teachers and students in understanding and synthesising texts. By understanding more, I will become a more active learner.


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