Deliberate Discoveries

Significant things that people have today is not due to sheer serendipity, but it is due to deliberate planning that results in these discoveries. This is reinforced by the presence of crucial discoveries like the capturing of murderers. For instance, in London a murderer called ‘Jack the Ripper,’ was on not yet arrested until recently the murderer has been found due to the discovery of DNA evidence. The discovery of the murderer due to DNA is done from a process of very careful planning and it cannot simply be an act of serendipity as it may lead to wrong convictions. To add to that, water purification is also discovered from deliberate and careful planning. Without water purification, people would not be able to drink clean water and they would suffer from terrible diseases. It can be seen that deliberate and careful planning has made such gigantic breakthroughs in the world. Without these kinds of discoveries, the world we know today may not be the same.


5 thoughts on “Deliberate Discoveries

  1. I agree with the post that deliberate planning is important for certain discoveries such as catching murderers and water purification. And discoveries also thinks about the safety precautions about doing the discoveries, I think…
    However, there are also some great discoveries serendipitously. For example is the coincidence of the apple fell to Newton’s head. With that Newton able to discover gravity. But I also agree with you 😀


  2. I agree with the idea that deliberate planning is crucial in a huge amount of discoveries. But, a number of source suggest that the scientist who is responsible for the discovery of the murderer have made serious DNA error (, so it may lead to wrong conviction.


  3. I agree with your post which says that deliberate planning could create useful discoveries. However, for me, discovery caused by serendipity could also create some useful discoveries for example, the microwave oven. Without that accidental situation, maybe the microwave oven we know today won’t exist. But nevertheless, I still agree with your post since it’s true that most discoveries come from deliberate planning 🙂


  4. I agree that several significant things discovered in this world are due to deliberate discoveries that have been planned carefully. The DNA discovery of the murderer you have mentioned above was indeed an important deliberate discovery that would go wrong if only done through serendipitous discoveries. However, if we look at it from another view, it is important to also realize the importance of serendipitous discoveries. An example of a serendipitous discovery is the discovery of penicillin. Just as many lives could be saved through the discovery of the murderer’s DNA, without the discovery of penicillin, many people would also be easily infected by bacteria, which might cause death. So, I believe that both serendipitous and deliberate discoveries share the same importance in discovering significant things. 😉


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