Assumptions about Refugees

After reading several Bible verses, my belief about refugees has been affirmed. As the Bible says, we should treat the refugees as if they were from our native country. After all, they are also people. Thus, we should show them kindness and compassion because we never know what they have been through and what they are going through right now. It is the moral thing to do when we help those in need, including refugees. They are just looking for a new home, shelter and protection.

Even though the Bible affirms a whole lot of my beliefs, it also challenges my assumptions about the asylum seekers. It is never easy for us to welcome new people, especially new people from another country. There are refugees who are in danger but there are also people who are the danger. What I mean by this is the different kinds of people refugees can be. After all, they are sort of unknown to us. Nevertheless, the Bible challenges me by saying that those “strangers” should be shown compassion and treated fairly.


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