Opening Scene Analysis

A television series titled “Go Back to Where You Came From” is a reality-show about six Australians who try to live the lives of refugees. After a brief introduction of the film, the overall reaction of the audience is a feeling of intense danger. The director of the film conveyed the powerful feeling using the film’s music. At first, the music was some sort of a traditional music playing. However, the music got more dramatic and suspenseful with the addition of drums. This makes the audience curious about what danger is coming next for the people in the reality show. The audience can also walk in the six Australian’s shoes from the several video montages of the dangerous refugee situations they had to go through. Some of the scenes are about war, destruction, and even country borders that are a mess. From there, the audience can feel the true danger the refugees go through to get asylum. The introduction even conveys to the audience the feeling of uncertainty and doubt that refugees feel almost everyday. Finally, the various close up camera angles give the feel of what the people are actually feeling. Using close up angles, the people’s facial expression can clearly be seen, especially their terror when they go through the lives of the refugees. The last few scenes of the introductory show a few close ups of people who are petrified of what saw or what they did as refugees. This makes the audience be able to picture just how much danger and terror that refugees face. “Go Back to Where You Came From” indeed conveys the message of how much danger and suspense a refugee undergoes.


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