The Discovery of a Lifetime

In everyday life, there are in fact certain experiences that shape our perception of discovery. For me, there was one discovery that had a huge impact on what I think about discovery. This is the story about the time I travelled to several islands in Indonesia for the first time. It is a fact that I am a city person. I was born in a city, grew up in a city and so did my parents. I’ve never really known what it is like to live outside the city in Indonesia if short retreat trips are not included. Last vacation, my parents and i went away from the buzzing city of Jakarta and went to this small town, almost a village near the sea. Unlike the city, the town was very small and very forlorn looking. The worst part was that there was no wi-fi. This is every teenager’s nightmare, staying for a few weeks in a place without wi-fi. However, this suburb life made me discover the beauty of Indonesia’s islands. Instead of looking at my phone, I looked at the Indonesian island with jungles and hills. I did not expect to discover all the quirky animals and the spectacular views. There was a peaceful moment there when I stayed there instead of the city. it changed me and I understood after that discoveries can be absolutely beautiful and life-changing. I discovered peace outside of the city and I hope that I can go back there soon to find more beauty in nature.


4 thoughts on “The Discovery of a Lifetime

  1. The discovery that you made from your trip to the islands in Indonesia is really interesting. All the animals and views that you saw must be really fascinating. I am glad that you have discovered another side of you – your nature side. This discovery must have changed your perception of other nature-related discovery that you will or have make.


  2. Going out of the city is a good thing. People in the cities are so caught up with their work that sometimes they forgot to just stop and enjoy life. I am happy that you got the chance to do so and I hope you can go to another trip soon!


  3. The discovery that you experienced about the beauty of Indonesia is indeed special. I absolutely agree that as city people, most of the time we neglect the beautiful nature that is provided by God for our country. We are too focused on the technologies provided for us, and it includes wi-fi. Sometimes we might feel like dying without internet and all those stuffs. But, I believe that there is more to our country’s nature that we can seek than spending our time on our gadgets. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Your post sure do have a good title and opening and content as well. It could even evoke people’s curiosity to explore like you do especially to those NEETs. Sadly though I don’t get to know how you feel during some part of your experience. Different people will feel differently like at the part where you said there is no wi-fi. If only you could describe your feelings more about it, your blog post will be better I suppose. *Please don’t take it personally, this is just some random task given by our ESL teacher :D*


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