A Discovery from “Go Back to Where You Came From”

A significant discovery made through the film “Go Back to Where You Come From” is the power of experience that can really change a person. This can be seen from most participants in the film, including Adam. Adam once thought that the refugees are criminals and that his money is wasted on them. However, after truly living the life of a refugee and getting emotionally attached to them, his belief was challenged. He changed his views after those few weeks and he now feels empathy towards those refugees with much bigger problems than him. Other than this, even another participant named Raquel that symbolises racism changed her strong belief only after living as a refugee in Kakuma. After the UN camp and staying with Basuri, the African father, she found that not all “black people” are that bad. She even said herself that people should not judge a book by its cover as she judged people by their skin color. This proves that experience has the power to challenge the beliefs of the participants and even to change them. The discovery proves that the participants’ and other people’s beliefs could be changed by experience. Thus, the right experience is indeed a powerful device that can change people’s mind.


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