Douglas Stewart and the Bible

In my opinion, Douglas Stewart’s poetry conveys ideas strongly compatible with the Bible’s teaching that man was given the responsibility to take care of nature. Stewart’s poem entitled “Lady Feeding the Cats” emphasises a woman’s responsibility to feed feral cats. He wrote, “To feed those outlaws prowling about the Domain.” With the help of comparing the cats to outlaws, Stewart conveys a sense of responsibility to feed the “outlaws” even if they are wild cats. Another one of Stewart’s poem titled “Wombat” emphasises on the respect and care given to creatures like wombats. He wrote, “we have one mother, good brother,” when conversing with the wombat. This shows a strong connection between man and animals that pushes man has to care for the animals. Thus, giving man a sense of responsibility towards nature.

On the other hand, I believe Stewart’s poetry contains messages that are incompatible with the Bible’s teaching that nature is proof that God exists. Stewart never mentions God in any of his poems. In the poem “Nesting Time,” Stewart claims that  nature is above all else as we wrote, “There’s just this gap in Nature and in man.” The capitalization of “Nature” indicates that he views nature as being higher than the Creator. In addition, Stewart also wrote in “Fireflies,” “Some invisible power flashing in points of brilliance.” This portrays Stewart’s awe upon seeing nature, especially the butterflies. He acknowledges the brilliance of God’s creations but never acknowledges the Creator at all. Therefore, it can be seen that Stewart felt that nature was as breathtaking as ever but he felt that nature is not created for the purpose of glorifying the Creator.


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