Top Discovery of All Time in Fahrenheit 451

Personally, I think that the best scene for writing about discovery is when Montag discovers the book people and learns what they do for the society. Instead of shoving the contents of a book in people’s faces like what Montag tried to do earlier with Faber, the book people remember and wait for the society to come to them. They wait patiently for the society to seek the book people in order to discover their histories, their mistakes, and learn from them. What intrigues me the most is the use of the metaphor of the society to a phoenix who burns itself over and over in its’ fire and rises from the ashes. Montag discovers from this metaphor that the society repeats the same mistakes even though they have the ability to move forward. His perception of the society changes as he discovers this. In addition, the book people have been deliberately planning this process in order to change the society for the better. This is better emphasized with Bradbury’s use of an allusion to Revelations 22 where there is new hope for a better world. This scene can encompass discovering something for the first time (Montag discovering the book people and what they do) or even rediscovering something lost and concealed (the society rediscovering its history). It is also sudden and unexpected to Montag but it also comes from a process of deliberate and careful planning by the book people. The discovery is also caused by necessity but the society in the future that will come to the book people looking for answers can be said to have been evoked by curiosity as well. This discovery can lead the people to new worlds and values and can also enable readers to predict about the future possibilities for the society. In addition, Montag’s new insight on the society led him to new understandings and new perceptions of the society. The discovery is meant to be transformative for the society, as evident in the allusion.


3 thoughts on “Top Discovery of All Time in Fahrenheit 451

  1. Hi, Winny! I agree with you that this scene is one of the most important scenes in Fahrenheit 451. It fits to many different aspects of discovery such as discovering something for the first time, rediscovering something that has been lost or concealed, and discoveries can be both sudden and unexpected or carefully or deliberately planned. This one single scene is really good as it can describe many aspect of discoveries. Other than that, there are also language features like allusion to Revelations 22 that can be used in helping to explain this scene.


  2. I agree that this scene is one of the most important one because it can be related to many aspects of discovery. Since you did a really great job in mentioning and discussing all of the aspects, I don’t think I have more to add. ^___^


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