Best Scene of Discovery in Go Back

I think the scene in “Go Back to Where You Came From” that can best fit most of the words from the discovery rubric is the raid scene. The raid scene is so flexible that both the participants and the viewers can discover new things. For instance, Roderick, one of the participants, was so shocked by what he discovered from the raid that he just kind of disappeared. The absence of Roderick can mean many things to the viewers, like the possibility that he was overwhelmed by the emotional discovery of all the refugees crying as they were being taken away. This discovery can be confronting to him and his beliefs about refugees, it can also be sudden and unexpected for Roderick. In addition, during the raid, Raye said that the refugees there “could easily be the Chins” and after that the narrator explained that the refugees could face “jail time, corporal punishment and deportation.” This juxtaposition is intended for the viewers to feel the emotional connection with the Chins before the raid and imagine if the Chins were being punished, after all they have been through. This makes the discovery very much emotional to both the participants and the audience. It can also challenge the beliefs of the audience who think raids are for the best since the scene shows the real things that happen during the raid.


2 thoughts on “Best Scene of Discovery in Go Back

  1. Hi Win 🙂 I agree with you that the raid scene is one of the best scene to write about for the Discovery essay. There’s a lot of aspects of discovery that can be explained using this scene, and I think that the aspects of discovery taht you ahve list really works for this scene. Your explanation of how this scene could fit those aspects were also clear and easy to understand.
    From all the aspects you list, I really like your idea regarding the impact of Roderick’s disappearance to the viewers. One thing you could add is maybe more explaination for the “confronting and provocative discovery,” like what Roderick was provoke to do after the discovery. In addition, maybe you could add like how exactly this raid scene challenge the belief of audience regarding refugees. Maybe, you could explain more about like this raid scene gave a clear picture of how raids are done, and how the refugees being captured really feel. You can add that the close up facial expression of them can give a really emotional impact for the viewers, which could potentially challenge and change the belief of audience.


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