Trial Exam Reflection

The results of the trial exam were similar to the predictions made on my “Exam Self- Reflection” assignment. The Academic English essay was in fact my weakest section, as predicted. The most surprising part of my results were the listening and the discovery essay. I thought that my unfinished listening paper would get worse results that it actually was, which is good. The discovery essay was hard and so was the prompt, because it was asking for language features, but it wasn’t that bad. The DAV essay was surprisingly worse than I thought probably because I did not prepare that much for language features AND structures so it was difficult for me to think of anything related to that. The Academic English essay was also really confusing for me. I think I need to focus more on Academic English, DAV and the unseen texts too. I should practice giving discovery-related ideas for the unseen texts and memorize more features. For the DAV section, I should really understand more about my student chosen text because I think I lack in that. I should also thoroughly read prompts in order to really answer them. To do this, I have to practice writing essays. After all, practice makes perfect. 🙂


One thought on “Trial Exam Reflection

  1. Helloo… all i can say is that you need to practice more for your DAV and let the teachers check your essays or at least the outline/skeleton of your essay. For academic english, you need to check on the teacher and ask her what to write on academic english. Good luckk and God Bless :)!!!


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