Other Texts About Discovery

1.What makes the unseen texts an easy/difficult part of the exam? Make reference to both the trial exam and your practice activity on Wednesday.

The unseen text was difficult because nobody expects any of the texts. It could be lego pictures like from the practice activity or the extract from the Goldfinch like from the trial exam. It is really hard to find features when all I have to go on is my memory of features and their meanings.
2.What study techniques can you use to prepare for the unseen texts section of the exam?

I should learn more features and how they are used in texts and pictures. I should also get used to the questions in the unseen text section because the questions are similar from year to year.
3. What study techniques can you use to improve your knowledge of your student-chosen related texts?

I should try to use a variety of texts to match the rubric. Then, I can practice writing essays to answer prompts with the student-chosen text. I have to make sure that I understand the text first and know all the features by heart.
4. In your opinion, what is the best text to use as a student-chosen related text? Explain why you chose the text.Identify as many different aspects of discovery that you find in the text.

The best text is the “Notebooks Shed Light on Antibiotics Contested Discovery.” This non fiction article by Peter Pringle can answer a lot of prompts. It has a significant historical and socio-cultural context. Aspects of discovery include :intellectual discovery, deliberate and careful planning, new perceptions of others, worth is reassessed over time, and new ideas as well as new understandings.


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