Other Texts About Discovery

1.What makes the unseen texts an easy/difficult part of the exam? Make reference to both the trial exam and your practice activity on Wednesday.

The unseen text was difficult because nobody expects any of the texts. It could be lego pictures like from the practice activity or the extract from the Goldfinch like from the trial exam. It is really hard to find features when all I have to go on is my memory of features and their meanings.
2.What study techniques can you use to prepare for the unseen texts section of the exam?

I should learn more features and how they are used in texts and pictures. I should also get used to the questions in the unseen text section because the questions are similar from year to year.
3. What study techniques can you use to improve your knowledge of your student-chosen related texts?

I should try to use a variety of texts to match the rubric. Then, I can practice writing essays to answer prompts with the student-chosen text. I have to make sure that I understand the text first and know all the features by heart.
4. In your opinion, what is the best text to use as a student-chosen related text? Explain why you chose the text.Identify as many different aspects of discovery that you find in the text.

The best text is the “Notebooks Shed Light on Antibiotics Contested Discovery.” This non fiction article by Peter Pringle can answer a lot of prompts. It has a significant historical and socio-cultural context. Aspects of discovery include :intellectual discovery, deliberate and careful planning, new perceptions of others, worth is reassessed over time, and new ideas as well as new understandings.


Trial Exam Reflection

The results of the trial exam were similar to the predictions made on my “Exam Self- Reflection” assignment. The Academic English essay was in fact my weakest section, as predicted. The most surprising part of my results were the listening and the discovery essay. I thought that my unfinished listening paper would get worse results that it actually was, which is good. The discovery essay was hard and so was the prompt, because it was asking for language features, but it wasn’t that bad. The DAV essay was surprisingly worse than I thought probably because I did not prepare that much for language features AND structures so it was difficult for me to think of anything related to that. The Academic English essay was also really confusing for me. I think I need to focus more on Academic English, DAV and the unseen texts too. I should practice giving discovery-related ideas for the unseen texts and memorize more features. For the DAV section, I should really understand more about my student chosen text because I think I lack in that. I should also thoroughly read prompts in order to really answer them. To do this, I have to practice writing essays. After all, practice makes perfect. 🙂

Top Discovery of All Time in Fahrenheit 451

Personally, I think that the best scene for writing about discovery is when Montag discovers the book people and learns what they do for the society. Instead of shoving the contents of a book in people’s faces like what Montag tried to do earlier with Faber, the book people remember and wait for the society to come to them. They wait patiently for the society to seek the book people in order to discover their histories, their mistakes, and learn from them. What intrigues me the most is the use of the metaphor of the society to a phoenix who burns itself over and over in its’ fire and rises from the ashes. Montag discovers from this metaphor that the society repeats the same mistakes even though they have the ability to move forward. His perception of the society changes as he discovers this. In addition, the book people have been deliberately planning this process in order to change the society for the better. This is better emphasized with Bradbury’s use of an allusion to Revelations 22 where there is new hope for a better world. This scene can encompass discovering something for the first time (Montag discovering the book people and what they do) or even rediscovering something lost and concealed (the society rediscovering its history). It is also sudden and unexpected to Montag but it also comes from a process of deliberate and careful planning by the book people. The discovery is also caused by necessity but the society in the future that will come to the book people looking for answers can be said to have been evoked by curiosity as well. This discovery can lead the people to new worlds and values and can also enable readers to predict about the future possibilities for the society. In addition, Montag’s new insight on the society led him to new understandings and new perceptions of the society. The discovery is meant to be transformative for the society, as evident in the allusion.

“Discovery can lead us to new worlds and values, stimulate new ideas and enable us to speculate about future possibilities.”

To what extent does F451 support this statement?

Bradbury reveals in his book, “Farenheit 451,” that more knowledge can bring about a new society of freethinkers in the future which strongly supports the fact that discoveries can lead to new worlds, values and ideas.

Assumptions about Refugees

After reading several Bible verses, my belief about refugees has been affirmed. As the Bible says, we should treat the refugees as if they were from our native country. After all, they are also people. Thus, we should show them kindness and compassion because we never know what they have been through and what they are going through right now. It is the moral thing to do when we help those in need, including refugees. They are just looking for a new home, shelter and protection.

Even though the Bible affirms a whole lot of my beliefs, it also challenges my assumptions about the asylum seekers. It is never easy for us to welcome new people, especially new people from another country. There are refugees who are in danger but there are also people who are the danger. What I mean by this is the different kinds of people refugees can be. After all, they are sort of unknown to us. Nevertheless, the Bible challenges me by saying that those “strangers” should be shown compassion and treated fairly.

A First Look into Discovery

After trying to understand the rubric about the concept of Discovery, the thing that stands out most to me is the point made about rediscovering something that used to be concealed or forgotten. I have never really given much thought about rediscovering something so when it was brought up in the rubric, I was quite fascinated.

At this point, I feel that Discovery is more positive than negative. This is due to the many adjectives used to describe discovery that have positive connotations. Some of them are “fresh,” “intensely meaningful,” “challenging” and other words in the rubric.

When I began this Area of Study, I felt curious about what is there to study about discovery, what could possibly be the aspects of discovery. This curiosity led to fascination and excitement as I read the rubric. In fact, there are a lot of things about discovery that I do not know. This made me a bit unconfident but I am still excited to learn new things.

Being an Active Learner

Last semester I succeeded in doing assessments, projects homework and even tests quite well. I made amazing progress with my grades and got passing grades. The success made me so proud. However, I was most proud of myself for being able to lessen my procrastinating. I was not that lazy since I would study days before the test and because of that, I am one step closer to becoming an active learner. I know that I can improve my study skills. To do that, I need to learn to lessen my negative self talk that is always there just waiting for the right time to break me. I could change all that negativity with optimism and confidence. With that in my mind, I will be able to do things better. In my opinion,the most significant factors that contribute to my success as a student is the ability to organise my study time well and also reducing my negative self talk. The choice to become an active learner will also determine my success. As an active learner, I will be able to not only get good grades but also really learn deeper about what the world has to offer.

Looking back to last semester, I see where I can improve on. I can set SMART goals for myself this semester such as being focused when I am studying and getting my science grades up by 5 points. Some aspects of active learning that I have to improve on is the ability to find information by myself and not rely too much on the teachers to provide the all the information. Nonetheless, sometimes I need help in my studying as an active learner. Sometimes I need help from teachers and students in understanding and synthesising texts. By understanding more, I will become a more active learner.